Enable/Disable Radio Buttons

I have a collection of “Data Button SuperObject” objects tied to the same field, making them act as “radio buttons”

I’ve given them unique Object Names: “rbWholesale” and “rbRetail”

Using a “Data Button SuperObject”, is it possible to “enable” or “disable” the button itself programmatically?

I’d like to be able to enable or disable those buttons (so the user cannot click on them inadvertently).

I’ve tried variations on the following:

object "rbWholesale"
changeobjects "#RADIO BUTTON", 0
object "rbRetail"
changeobjects "#RADIO BUTTON", 0


selectobjects objectinfo("name") = "rbWholesale" and objectinfo("name") = "rbRetail"
changeobjects "#RADIO BUTTON", 0

(I also tried “or” in the selectobjects statement … just for fun. :smiley: )

Neither of the above generate errors, either at “compile-” or “run-” time.

However, the buttons still respond to mouse clicks.

Thanks, in advance, for any insight into this!

– Mark

That just disables the radio button property, making it a checkbox instead. It’s the same as unchecking this box.

You could move it out of sight, or hide it by moving something you can’t click through over the top of it , such as a flash art superobject .

D’oh. I knew that. :smiley:

Thanks for the reminder.

– Mark

FYI Panorama X does allow you to enable/disabled various controls, including checkboxes and radio buttons.