Emergency Help: Account Status

After Panorama is open for 3minutes I get this:

But no matter what I click I get this error. I now cannot use any of my databases at all. Please help ASAP! Is there a help line I can call or something to get some timely assistance?

Since you are posting here, I assume you must have an internet connection. However, your copy of Panorama has not connected with the provue.com server since 12/31/2017. There have been no connections in 2018. Did you install some sort of firewall or internet blocker, like Little Snitch, perhaps? Panorama will not run if it is not allowed to communicate with the provue.com server. You need to make sure that Panorama can communicate with provue.com on port 443 (the standard port for secure web access).

I am connected to the internet. Safari is open to prove.com. I have been out of the country and did not have consistent internet access. I have not changed any settings on the computer or internet. The only new thing I have done is download GoToMeeting application. I don’t know how check if panorama is connected to port 443 because as soon as I open Panorama this pops up and nothing else works, even the buttons on the dialog don’t work. I tried to click the button to check network and I still get the error message. There must be some other issue. Any more help you can provide?

I think, when you have worked at various locations for several days, your Mac may have lost its connection to some ports.

You can try deactivating and reactivating WLAN on your Mac. Or a simple restart of your Mac. Then those ports should work again.

Thank you. So I have since restarted the computer multiple times, tried 2 different wifi connections and also left it alone for a day and I am still getting the same error.

You should be able to open the Site License window, Panorama will allow you to do that no matter what. Can you? Once you have, try switching to the History or Computers panel. This will cause Panorama to contact the provue.com server to get the information to display. Does that work? Does it display your usage history and logged in computers?

Do you have access to another computer? If so, you could try logging in with your account and see if you get the same problem. That would isolate whether the problem is on the computer or the network.

Thank you! I actually tried that this morning briefly and it seemed like it worked but hadn’t had enough time to make sure it didn’t pop back up. So I’m glad to see that you were suggesting the same thing. So I’m back in business. Thank you.

Brandy Archie
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Oh, I wasn’t suggesting that as a fix, just to get more information about what the problem might be. So simply opening the Site License window fixed the problem?

I thought it fixed it but it only delayed the box coming up. It is still showing up. Yes It does show my updated active usage in the Site License > Computer section. I don’t have access to another Mac so I don’t have Panorama on another computer.

Through the Site License I just remotely logged my computer out in the Computer section and then logged out on the Overview section and then logged back in and so far it is working…

Ok. So I worked in Panorama for 10 minutes without issue but without me doing anything different besides using by forms in the database, the box popped up again…

I just checked again and your copy of Panorama connected with the provue.com server on January 10, 11, 12 and 14. Are you still seeing this dialog appear?

As of her most recent post (Jan 14, 10:31 PM CST) the answer was apparently yes.

Yes I am. I can quit Panorama and open it. Then go to the Site License page first and then it let me work for awhile but this dialogue eventually pops back up and I have to shut down and start over.

So what happens if you press the Check Network button?

Nothing. It acts like it has been clicked (sinks in and pops out) but nothing happens.

Brandy Archie
Please excuse the typos