Emailing panorama created documents

Hello, I am an employee of a Panorama user with whom I have a long distance working arrangement. Currently he creates the documents in panorama which I use in production (I am not using the software, merely documents created with it) and sends the printed out copies to me via snail mail or fed ex. I have asked him if he can’t email them to me to save us both time and money but he doesn’t believe that is possible and will not even try.
Is it possible/acceptable to email a document created with Panorama?

Instead of printing the document, ask him to save as PDF and email the PDF.

The original poster didn’t specify what version of Panorama his employer was using, nor what platform. Dave’s suggestion is perfect as long as Panorama is running on the Mac platform. On Windows, however, I don’t think PDF support is built in to the operating system. It could still be done, but I think it might require installing Adobe PDF software.

Windows 10 has native PDF print support.