Email topic names are too long

Not urgent by any means but if it’s easy, go for it.

This is a recent email subject:

[Panorama Discussion Forum] [Panorama “Classic”] Trying to fill a field during a loop

I have to make my Mail window about half a metre wide to be able to read it and it’s by no means the longest I’ve received. Is it possible to omit the leading square bracket? This may necessitate an amendment to peoples’ Mail rules to ensure that forum emails go to the correct inbox but that’s not a lot of work.

I think this came up when the forum was first started. I don’t see any way to change this in the Discourse settings.

However, I’m not sure it should be changed even if it could be. Some people may be members of more than one Discourse forum. I am a member of four forums myself. Some of them have many categories. So in that case it’s kind of important that the originating forum is specified.

Point taken.