Elastic Zone Object use and anomalies

The Elastic Zone Object seems to be a rather strange acting object and I’m not certain I know exactly how to use it. It exhibits some very bizarre behavior. An object “sticks” to the side when it touches or come within a few pixels of the side of the Elastic Zone when resizing. If they are shrunk to far they will no longer expand back to a larger size and just disappear in the side of the Elastic Zone Object. Here is an example of this action:

So, either I’m badly misusing this object or it is unfinished and still in development.

That’s it. Hence the lack of documentation. I had high hopes for this, but it may get removed entirely.

Hi Jim,

What is the current status of Elastic Zone? I see a few interesting uses.

I had high hopes for this, and I still want to figure this out – it would be very useful. I’m not sure if the existing Elastic Zone object is going to be the way to go, though. Don’t worry, when I do make progress in this area I will not keep it a secret!