Elastic Form Objects Documentation

Can someone please direct me to the documentation for Elastic Form objects? A search for 'Elastic" in the Help viewer returns nothing (in normal and full text modes) These objects seem to work differently than the P6 flavors…

chris watts

That documentation hasn’t been written. It should work the same as in Panorama 6, except that there is a new “clone” only option, if that is used then the elastic effect will only happen if a window is opened as a “clone” instead of as a regular window.

Note that there is an Elastic Window object and an Elastic Zone object. The former is what you want. Elastic Zone objects aren’t just undocumented, they don’t actually work correctly. This was an attempt at a new kind of elasticity that was never available in Panorama 6, for example to allow a divider between panels to slide back and forth with the size of each panel adjusting automatically.

Oooooh ok! that explains a lot. I was trying to use both and weird stuff was happening!