Duplicate Record Issue

When Duplicating Records, sometimes the duped data appears to be broken up and/or shifted across several of the following fields.

I’m working with a Panorama X document with over 70 fields and 3,000 records. When Duplicating Record, the first 20 or so fields seem to duplicate fine, but the later fields (21 to 70), “sometimes” are shown broken up, shifted, abbreviated, and/or missing data.

I was reading in your forum earlier about a possible issue with Tab within the data text field. I do clip/paste large text data (about a page of text) that originate as a text document, which include Tabs.

How can I accurately duplicate the entire record and avoid corrupting the data in the later fields? Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Here’s Panorama’s internal code for the Duplicate command (you can find this code in the _DatabaseLib library).

local r
r = exportline()
importline r

As you can see, this code works by converting the current line into text, then creating a new line and re-importing the text. However, this isn’t going to work correctly if any of the cells contain tabs – the cells would get out of alignment because when the text is re-imported, Panorama will think that the tab is the start of the next field. Normally it’s impossible to get tabs into a Panorama field – you can’t type the tab in, Panorama won’t let you. But as you point out, it’s possible to get tabs in by pasting, or with a procedure. I’ve just filed a bug report for this:

However, I’m unlikely to work on this for a while. In the meantime, you may want to remove the tabs from your data. Here is a one line program that will remove all of the tabs from the current field of the database.

formulafill replace(«»,tab(),"")

If you have more than one field that might contain tabs, you should use this for each field.

You would also want to make sure you didn’t add any more tabs at a later date. Instead of simply pasting into the current field, here is a program you can use that will do the same thing but while removing tabs.

«» = replace(clipboard(),tab(),"")

Jim, thank you…that seems to be the solution. If a bug fix would eventually be in an upgrade, i look forward to it’s release. You’re always so helpful. warmest, gary