Drag List Item to Text Editor - help needed

I see from the forum post on the subject that not many people use dragging and dropping and that it works differently in Pan X, but I’m not finding help in the docs on how to replicate my Pan 6 function. A key function - used all day long here - has been to drag a diagnosis from a list of them to one of a group of text editor boxes that then hold the diagnosis code and place it in a field in the DB.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get the new version of dragging a"gray box" from the list and how to designate a “Drag Receiver”? (Not finding that in the help file) The image from my invoicing form shown below shows what I’m going for. I can work out the details, but am not seeing how to get started.

Thanks in advance ~ Scott

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 11.51.01 PM

I’m answering my own post with a solution that will work, but I don’t like it as much as dragging. If I extract the value of the diagnosis code by clicking on the list item, then click in the receiving box, the formula associated with the box will place the code into the TESO and the proper field. Voila!

Still interested in thoughts about the duplicating the dragging function which has been a part of the Mac since the beginning.

In this case you are not finding it because it hasn’t been written – sorry. It’s kind of complicated so I’m not going to try to document it on the fly in a forum post.

If your previous code used the draggraybox statement that should still work within the same window, no drag receiver needed.