Dppublicpath Server Error

On a web server running b26, every time Pan Server is launched, a dialog comes up: Contents of variable [dppublicpath] have not been defined. I never saw it before today, but the server hasn’t been restarted for some time. Quitting and relaunching Pan Server repeats the error and requires manual intervention to clear the dialog.

The presence of the dialog is the most serious issue since the server seems to be running fine otherwise.

The server is running OS 12.3.1.

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 8.01.28 AM

Two other servers running b26 and on OS 12.4 are not experiencing this.

I suspect that there is a problem with a database that is being opened on launch on this server. Perhaps there is an error in the .InitializeServer routine. An error like that is supposed to be caught without an alert, but I think not. Probably the difference on this server is that it has different databases that open on launch.

To get more information, you could enable instrumentation on the _serverMANAGESERVER and OPENSERVERFILE code. For convenience, this link will enable the needed instrumentation.


There probably is a bug, there should never be a dialog unless it is in your code (which I suspect it is not), but just from the one alert I don’t know what the problem is.

If this is the first time this server has been relaunched since b26 was installed that would explain why the error is new – b25 did not call .InitializeServer and it didn’t open databases on launch. So some of your code is being executed now that was never executed before.

After a lot of testing and changes to the .InitializeServer, it has come down to whether or not the procedure includes an OpenServerFile. I can change which file is being opened and it continues to generate the error. If I completely eliminate OpenServerFile, no error occurs.

The plot thickens… I’ve been starting and stopping the server for hours with constant changes to the startup configuration. Earlier, no matter what file I tried to open as part of the .InitializeServer, I got that error. I was changing nothing else in .InitializeServer, except to enable or disable that line or to change the name of that file. After about 100 reruns (as shown in BBEdit) it’s now launching without the error on my server. Huh?

I was toggling the manner in which those other files were being opened on startup too but was trying to avoid any overlap. One file in particular seems to be highly involved in the error and was the original source. I’m emailing that one to you. “StaticTranslations” is a translator for the site for a dozen languages which includes Asian and Arabic languages. It has no forms or procedures. Could some of those characters in the data be an issue?

That file can’t even be set to Open at Startup without the error appearing. And once it has been opened on the server, my local copy won’t open even as all the other files do. No message, just a failure to appear on my screen or in the Windows menu.

So now on my server I can get it to open at startup but I cannot tell what’s different other than the fact that it got toggled over and over and over. My .InitializeServer is exactly where it started this morning and this one file is being opened by it without error.