Downloading Pan X-5

I had Pan X-5 on my computer. Had to upgrade Apple 14.5. Pan X-2 replaced X-5. Tried to download X-5 and could only find X-4.

There is no such thing as Pan X-5, X-2 or X-4. Maybe you’ve downloaded multiple versions without deleting the old ones, in that case Safari will add -nn when you download a duplicate (-2, -3, -4 etc.). Probably you should delete all of these versions and start over. The current version of Panorama X is 10.2.0b38. It’s available by clicking on the Download Trial button on

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Thank you; I was having issues because of a lack of available memory. Thoblee numbers after Pan X was generated by there being multiple copies of Pan on my computer. Problems one would not expect from someone who can create the programs I create.