Downloading Pan 6 on new computer

New computer today with High Sierra 10.12.6 and am unable to get Pan 6 to download. I’ve tried the “Terminal” approach and disabled Gatekeeper. I tried downloading Pan X 7-Day Free Trial and then using the Install Pan 6 link but nothing works. Can’t just use Pan X as we have 4 others in the office with only Pan 6 and they wouldn’t be able to use files I created with Pan X. Plus, they are just feeling comfortable a bit with Pan 6 and would rebel at learning a new format.
Please help! Just need to get Pan 6 to work on my new computer.

Why don’t you use the macOS Migration Assistant to install (all) the applications, documents, settings from your old Mac? This would be the easiest way to transfer your installed Panorama 6 to your new Mac.

The harder way: Some weeks ago I had to do a clean installation of High Sierra, and the migration happened to fail. Among the other apps, I had to install Pan 6 manually. The download worked via Pan X. Then I had to work around the “Error 7” issue; the older TechNote on the ProVUE website showed me the way: I had to (temporarily) create and use a root account for the registration.

I just had a client with the same problem. It is not clear to me exactly where you are in the installation process, but I simply made sure his hard drive permissions were set so that Everyone had read and write privileges. That let him launch Panorama 6. If you haven’t been able to even install it on your Mac, you may need to install Pan 6 as the root user.

All of the issues involved with installing Panorama 6 on 10.12 or 10.13 are discussed on this page.

Thanks, Jim. I finally got it to work.

I’m attempting to install Panorama 6 and followed the directions and was able to install successfully, but when I try to activate I still get the -7 error. I did disable SIP and Gatekeeper. The link to the instructions above is getting a 404 so I was wondering if there are other instructions that might help me get around this problem. Running High Sierra 10.13.6.


The original page may have been removed, but you can still find that information on the Panorama Classic page .

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Ah, thanks so much! That’s exactly what I was looking for and I’ve completed the activation successfully and all is well.