Downloading files in the web browser

When using the Web Browser, is there any way to download a file from the Internet? For instance, navigating to a financial Web site (which requires a userid and password) to download a history file of financial data, but there is no setting to set a download location or mechanism to name the file? Thus any attempt at downloading fails (it seems to hang requiring closing and reopening of the form). Am I missing something? It would be terrific to have this ability, as it would allow me to develop a self-contained solution.

Since the data files are behind a logon and require traversing several pages to get to the file link, the “url” functions are not as useful, from my understanding.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Sorry, Panorama is not a full featured web browser.

However, you might be able to use a combination of the Web Browser and the url( functions to accomplish this. All Panorama network access shares the same environment, so if you log on to a web site with the web browser view, the url( function should then be able to access private links on that web site.

That is very useful to know. Thank you.