Does Tab Panel work with View-as-List forms?

I have a view as list form, brought over from Pan 6, that I want to include in a Tab Panel object. As a stand-alone form, it looks and acts normally in X, but in the Tab Panel it looks like Graphics mode whether I am in Graphics or Data mode. Is this a known incompatibility? If not, am I missing something?

Sorry, a View-As-List form cannot be included in anything. It takes over the entire window. However, the good news is that you can get exactly the effect you were going for by using a Matrix object.

OK, that’s good news, but I have never used a matrix object so here I am diving into the pool. Without having looked at any docs yet, I must ask - can items in the matrix object be edited in place, unlike in a V-as-L?

No, they cannot. But since you can put other objects on the form with them, you can edit that way. Just not within the matrix itself.