Does Provue see persistent PanX?

From time to time, I check the Force Quit option under the Apple menu and am surprised to see Apps listed that I was sure I quit. Just today I checked it on my older (High Sierra) Mac and it showed PanX. Usually if an App is running, it’s icon shows a dot under it (in Monterey at least) or the icon shows on the right side of the tray.

The last time I ran PanX on the old mini was weeks ago. Has it be running in the background all this time?

I’m guessing that closing all the windows doesn’t always close the app. But I’m old school so I’m pretty much used to Quitting under the App Name menu. But I’m old so maybe I forget and just close windows. Could be a bad habit from that “other” Windows environment.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around does it make a sound?
If an app is “closed” but still appears in the Force Quit list, is it still running?

It depends on the application. Some applications do close when you close all windows, but most do not. Panorama does not.

Yes, there should be a dot underneath the icon in the dock if the icon is running.

Tray? I think that’s a Windows thing :slight_smile:

As far as I know if it appears in the Force Quit list it is running. Though that’s now how I would check, I would use the Activity Monitor application to see if an app was running. And as you say, a dot under the icon in the dock. Another clue is whether it shows up in the list of apps when you press Command-Tab.

I don’t know, but if it has, that’s not really a problem. If it’s sitting in the background it’s consuming almost no resources, and it is not counted as usage on your account unless you are interacting with it using the mouse or keyboard.

Could you further define usage as it relates to a server?

Paul specified that no windows were open, and in his case I’m pretty sure he meant that no databases were open.

But even if databases were open, and even if they were shared databases connected to a server, usage would still be minimal if you are not interacting with the databases. A Panorama client will not communicate with a server unless some user action is performed. Of course if you have a gigabyte database, then a gigabyte of memory will be used on both the client and server, but there won’t be any CPU or network usage.

Bottom line – I have extra computers that I use occasionally (for debugging, etc.) and I don’t concern myself at all about leaving Panorama open even if I set the computer aside for weeks or longer. It just doesn’t matter.

LOL. Ok. But we look at things from the billable side of life. I don’t imagine you have concerns for your computer usage.

And what I was asking was, how does the usage relate to a server that is sitting there without much keyboard/mouse action, yet it accumlates time towards subscription usage.

This question is answered on this FAQ page, under the question How much will Panorama X Server cost?