Does "Dialog.Initialize" trigger work?

Was working on a routine where the IF info(“trigger”) CONTAINS “Dialog.Initialize”…
seemed like a perfect solution, but it didn’t work. In playing around with this further it appears this is never triggered, as illustrated in the attached simple database. Hitting the test button displays a dialog sheet that contains a text display object showing the contents of a variable. This variable is set to an initial value before the run dialog loop, and to a different value inside the loop’s IF info(“trigger”) CONTAINS “Dialog.Initialize”… block. The variable never get’s the inside the block assignment.

Can anyone see what I’m missing?

Demo here:

Bill, you have the If info(“trigger”) code inside the the quoted rundialog parameters. Change the code to:

    rundialog |||
        Form="Test Dialog"
        Height=500 Width=700|||
        IF info("trigger") CONTAINS "Dialog.Initialize"
            fgTextDisplayContents={Dialog.Initialize WAS TRIGGERED!!}
            showvariables fgTextDisplayContents beep
        stoploopif info("trigger")="Dialog.Close"

Bingo! Thanks so much for taking a look at it!!