Document could not be saved. The file doesn't exist

A user in my office has now received this error message, which was reported earlier by another user, three times. Jim said that this is not a Panorama generated error. The user had recently added a record to the database, when the menu bar displays a the words “Not Saved” after the file name. From that point, the file cannot be saved and recent changes are lost. I am at a complete loss for how to resolve this. The user after the second failure and before the third upgraded her computer to OS 10.13. I have the identical file on my computer and have never seen this message. I would be happy to hear any suggestions for troubleshooting this issue, and I plan to expand the search to other troubleshooting sites.

I believe there is another topic on the forum about this. If you google the exact error message you’ll see that this can occur with any Cocoa app. I think it is a permission error, the location where the document is cannot be saved there any more (it’s now read only, or even deleted). As I recall, a solution is to save as to a different location, which you can do by holding down the Option key and using the File menu.

Or you might be able to use the Move To… function in the File menu. That would not make a duplicate file, so you would not end up with a bunch of orphaned files in your storage.