Displaying emails from disk or IMAP in Panorama


I’m considering making a simple CRM rather than using my current subscription-based CRM. I’d like to be able to lookup and display emails messages for contacts. Browsing the Mail folder in my user Library leads me to believe that it would be very difficult to display them from disk as they are buried in so many “random” folders.

Has anyone solved this? Is there a way for Panorama to connect to an IMAP account as the Apple Mail browser does?


Create an email form, send it through the Apple mail channel, then post it to a file of sent emails linked to your contacts. That works in Pan 6 but I haven’t looked into channels for Pan X.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the idea. That would work for future sent emails but I also want to be able to capture incoming mail from each contact. Just automating the selection of the messages in Mail.app could work as well. I think I read that Applescript isn’t supported in mail now. I’ll have to look into Automator or another script that could do it.

Other CRM’s must use an API. Don’t know whether that would be difficult to implement.