Display related data

I received this reply from support about my issue:

My question: I’ve used the Relational Workshop to create the code and see the correct result. I just haven’t got to how that is put into a record’s form to be able to view it there.

Support response: I think the answer you are looking for is that you take the formula generated by the Relational Workshop and put it into a Text Display Object. http://www.provue.com/panoramax/help/graphics_object_txtdsply.html

The Relational Workshop gave the correct output but when I put into a Text Display Object and received a field not found error. See screenshot. All the fields appear on the form because I thought it might fix the problem if I had the reference field on the form, but that did not help.

It seems you missed to set the properties of the Text Display object from “Literal Text” to “Formula”.

If you mostly plan to use formulas in Text Display objects, you can change the default mode for new objects in the General preferences panel:

Thanks for the help.
Seems I have a lot to learn.

So do I, and I have been using Panorama for nearly 30 years.