Disappearing data in Panorama 6

I have a client who converted her files from a PC to a Mac version of Panorama 6. Since then, he has had problems with printing, files not being opened when called from an .initialize procedure and most disturbingly, blank forms. Often, she will open a file and sees only a blank form. There is no data visible anywhere. The data sheet shows no records. Sometimes quitting and relaunching will show the data and form objects; sometimes not. Restarting the Mac will almost always fix the problem. It has also happened with her files quite often on my Mac so I know it’s not something she is doing wrong.

Has anyone experienced this behavior? Could the files have been corrupted or somehow affected by being converted from the PC?

I am thinking maybe starting with new blank files, importing the data and redoing the forms may solve the problem but that seems a little drastic. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

On the printing, put the form into Graphics Mode, SelectAll Objects and choose a nice generic font. See how that works.

For the rest, are there Hides or other screen drawing suppressions?