Disable formOPEN

Is there a way to disable triggering “formOPEN” when a form is opened?


– Mark

I was able to disable the formOPEN: code before opening a form and then resetting it to what it was after opening the form. The code below first gets the existing form code for my form named “Testing” and then deletes it before opening the form. Once open, it does a wait 0 (don’t know if this is necessary but it doesn’t hurt to use it) and then it sets the form code back to what it was originally. Seems to work fine.

let theFormCode=getformoption("", "Testing", "EventCode")
setformoptions "", "Testing", "EventCode", ""
openform "Testing"
wait 0
setformoptions "","Testing","EventCode",theFormCode


Thanks! Good tip.

I was actually able to File > Find & Open along with Enable Diagnostics Mode turned on and then choose Open Data Sheet Only

That allowed me to open the form and then “Switch to graphics mode” without formOPEN being triggered.