Difficulty creating a dynamic pop-up button in a form

For the first time ever, I want to create a dynamic pop-up button. This one will contain a list of financial years (2017-18, 2018-19, etc.) which a procedure can update as time goes on.

I drag a popup menu button to a form. In the Magic Panel, I name it lvFinYear3 and select Formula mode. In the Formula Panel, I enter lvFinYear3Values which is the name of a field containing the list of cr-delimited years which I plan to update.

In Data Mode, all I get from the popup is a solid block of blue. I’ve tried all sorts of permutations of options but I can’t get it to work. What am I doing wrong?

I made a new file with one field named lvFinYear3Values containing a couple of records that each contained a list of years. One record was separated by cr() while the other was separated by lf(). Both records acted the same for the Popup Menu Button that I created on a new blank form. This shows the popup button when pressed and the related field and record at the same time:


This is the Popup Menu Button settings I used:


As you can see, I had no issues using this and the only way I could get the result you have is if I go to a record that has a blank entry for that field.

Well, that’s exactly what I’ve done and it doesn’t work. I’ll try on a new d/b and see how that goes.

I frequently encounter “bad” databases that just don’t want to behave the way they should and I have to re-create them. It gets very annoying and consumes huge amounts of time.

Works perfectly on a form in a different database


but I can’t get it to work on any existing or new form in the first database. What on earth could cause that problem?

Next enthralling episode:

It works on a copy of the original d/b. Beats me.