Differences between styles in OpenView and Panorama Help

Choosing View>Open View in a database and double-clicking on a statement name (say ADDLINES) reveals code that begins like this:


add a specified number of records to the end of a database.

which is the old Pan 6 style but opening the same statement in Panorama Help reveals this new-style code:

<«Title»>addlines statement</«Title»>
<«Description»>adds a specified number of records to the end of a database.</«Description»>

Is there a reason for this?


When I use Open View I get this at the beginning.

/* <PROCEDUREINFO> <description>add a specified number of records to the end of a database.</description> <breadcrumb>Panorama>Procedures>Modifications</breadcrumb> <tags>database</tags>

The last two lines would not have appeared in Panorama 6. The procedure info in the code of the procedure has two purposes. One is to create the description you will see in the help, and the other is to tell Panorama how many parameters are required, when the custom statement is registered. That was the same purpose in Panorama 6.

The code in the Help file is there to generate the actual html file, so some additional information, such as the name of that file, is needed. The styles aren’t really different. The help file just contains a little more information, and the extra stuff is mainly at the beginning.


I think Michael’s question relates to the different format that appears in the source code vs. the format used by the Correction window in the Help system. They DO use a slightly different format, the tags are different, that is necessary because of the way the Correction system submits changes back to ProVUE. I don’t remember the details, but if you really wanted to you could look at the code in the Help wizard.

Michael, I know that you are writing new statements so I suspect your question is because you want to know how to set them up. They should use the format you see when you open a procedure with Open View, not the format used by the Correction window. (In any case, I think the only difference is the « and » characters surrounding the tag names.)

Thanks Jim - that’s exactly why I was asking.