Diehard Inview 6.0 Users on Catalina

Inview on Catalina-ish

I’ve been successfully running Inview/Stockview, Panorama 6 on my MacBook Pro that was updated to Catalina with a huge asterisk.

Panorama 6 does not run on Catalina so I created a dual boot system: (detailed instructions here: https://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac-software/dual-boot-mac-3659676/

Here is the process that has worked for me, replicated on Patricia’s MacBook Air:

  • Backup your entire hard drive, in two places is a good idea. I once ran a backup before I erased a drive and in the one hour my data was in only one place it was like I stuck a needle through the drive, every fourth file was corrupted. Murphy’s Law in action. That was the year I had, like, 8 hard drives fail. I didn’t buy any lottery tickets that year.
  • Deactivate Panorama: With Pan open click “Panorama” in the upper left menu then Registration (write down your serial number), follow the prompts to deactivate.
  • Disk Utility: I ran First Aid before commencing. In Disk Utility it is showing as an APFS file system, click the + above “Volume” in the upper left. Name the new volume, I named it Inview-Mojave then click size options and set the limit to 30GB (that seems to me more than enough for Inview.)
  • Download Mojave here: Get macOS Mojave
  • Install Mac OS Mojave and select the Inview-Mojave volume.
  • Restart holding the option key and select Inview-Mojave as the startup disk
  • Open Disk Utility, select the other volume, not Inview-Mojave and erase.
  • Download Catalina here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/macos-catalina/id1466841314?mt=12
  • Install Mac OS Catalina and select the NamedHD, in our case she named it Flaca-Catalina. I selected a clean install so no old problems were brought into the new system. Note: If you use iCloud to sync then set that up in both volumes so your mail, chats, contacts, etc will sync between the to OS versions. Really important later when syncing Inview’s contacts.
  • You can now copy your Inview folder back to the Inview-Mojave volume, Panorama is still in it’s folder inside the Inview folder. I’ve had the Inview folder in the Applications for years, not sure if it’s supposed to be there or not but it works.
  • Now restart the computer and hold down the option key while it starts up, this will then show both volumes, select Inview-Mojave and continue startup.
  • Now open a file like Flow Chart and in the upper left select Panorama menu, Registration and in the Provue window that pops up enter the serial number of your license, you wrote this down earlier, and once it’s activated it’s ready to use.
  • In the System Prefs select Startup Disk, click the lock, enter your password, select the drive you want to normally startup, I chose Flaca-Catalina so that anytime the computer restarts this is the default volume, you only have to hold down the option key on startup if you want to use the Inview-Mojave volume.

There you go, sounds convoluted but is really straightforward if you are methodical about it.

If anyone finds errors in these instruction please let me know and I’ll correct them. I’m not an IT pro, I don’t warrant any of the above, I’m showing what worked for me, your mileage may vary.

If you need to:

To re-Install Panorama on the Mojave Volume: To install Pan 6.0 you have to use Panorama X to do this. Instructions are at provue.com