Dialphone Dialer

This statement has not been changed from v6. Does that mean that I need a 3d party app to dial (landline) the digits from Pan X? The original choice, ABDialer, is still available, but loooong in the tooth and probably not 64-bit. What’s the recommended dialer app these days?


In Pan X, the Dial channel has just two modules, Dialectic, and FaceTime.

Unfortunately Dialectic is now obsolete. The last update was around 2016. Using Facetime and Bluetooth you can make calls via an iPhone.

Anything in particular that makes it obsolete (like OS 11, instead of its usual 10.2). It says it runs on Intel 64 (at least it’s 64-bit). That doesn’t mean it’ll run on the M1 chip. I’m going to DL it anyway.

I bought an Android to get out of Apple’s sandbox (and found myself in another sandbox).

UPDATE: It installs but doesn’t open. (That’s OK, I know how to dial a phone.)