Dialog bug or PICNIC

I have a dialog opened with the rundialog statement with two text editor objects. When both text editors have something entered, the procedure in the second one changes the okay button from disabled to Not Disabled and Default, which changes color from grayed out to the selected accent color.
It used to be that when this happened, and I pressed the enter key, the OK Button was pressed and its code was triggered. But now, I can’t get the OK Button to respond to the enter key. I think that changed in b26, or possibly an earlier version. This used to work, but I can’t get it working now.
Is there a change/bug in b26 that was not present earlier, or am I doing something wrong?

I don’t know of any change that would cause this. If you want to submit a simple database that demonstrates this problem I can investigate. It’s possible that the macOS 10.16 SDK handles this situation differently than earlier SDK’s did.

I think possibly disabling the default button is not the best practice here. I think it would be better to leave it enabled, but display an alert explaining the problem if one of the fields doesn’t have data (and of course leave the dialog open).

I set up a test database to send to you, using my old Intel MacBook Pro, and discovered the dialog Ok Button responded to the Enter key and worked as expected. When I used the database on my new wireless Magic keyboard, the dialog did not respond to the Enter key. Today I figured out that it does respond to the control-Enter key combination. So the problem is solved. I plan to see if I can map my Enter key to work like Control-Enter does now.
BTW, I really like the dialog which starts with a disabled OK button, which is enabled when valid data is entered into the text editors. I have been using that approach for over a year and it has been very reliable.