Determining the button pressed

I need to know the name of the button pressed.
If I use Sticky Push Button, I can set a variable so that I can get the name of the button but it leaves a highlited button which is not needed.
I can not find another button that will let me create a rectangular button and set a variable.
Is there a method to get the name of the object pressed if I can’t set a variable to then retrieve it when pressed?

If you are referring to the button title, that is printed on the button, info(“trigger”) will return “Button.title” where the actual title will appear where I wrote the word title. You would just extract everything after the dot.

To get the object name, you could selectobjects matching objectinfo(“rectangle”) to info(“buttonrectangle”).

objectinfo(“rectangle”) is in form relative coordinates, while info(“buttonrectangle”) is in screen relative coordinates, so you would have to use xytoxy( to convert one to the other. Once you had the object selected, you could use objectinfo(“name”) to get its name.

Yep, it was Info(“Trigger”) that had slipped my mind. I was trying everything else but that one shows I’m getting old and working way too many hours in a day. O my, I just realized I’m going on 17 hours today. Gotta stop this. It is not productive. lol

Thanks Dave.