`deleterecord` statement doesn't load up the clipboard

This code


doesn’t paste the deleted record back. It pastes whatever was on the clipboard before the sequence was triggered. It did work in Pan 6.


I can confirm this. Interestingly, CutRecord works correctly, which is very odd considering the two commands are supposed to be synonymous.

It’s inconsistent with the past but in my opinion it’s not a bad thing. The option to keep the clipboard out of it is intriguing and could be useful.

Except for the fact that the statement is supposed to copy the record to the clipboard!


IMHO, DeleteRecord should not alter the clipboard.

Delete is not Copy nor Cut which would alter the clipboard. Delete is delete, regardless of previous results.

I have to agree with Robert, Delete should not touch the clipboard. In Panorama 6 you had Clear in the Edit menu which deleted without copying to the clipboard but there was no Delete in that menu. In Panorama X you now have Delete but no Clear. Since Delete looks as though it has supplanted Clear, I think it would be logical to duplicate their action as well. Adding a delete and deletecell statement would round out the transition.

How convienient. I was about to make an announcement here that I have just changed the documentation for deleterecord to indicate that it doesn’t alter the clipboard, even though that is a slight change from Panorama 6. So I’m delighted to find that Robert and Gary have already made the point for me :slight_smile: If you need the record in the clipboard, either add a copyrecord statement or use cutrecord.