Delete Menu item from standard Menus

I’m trying to create some custom Standard Menus. I want to delete the “Speech” menu item in the Standard “Edit” Menu. I can delete the 2 sub menus from “Speech” but I can not fiqure out how to delete “Speech”.

I think this will do it.


I figured this out by opening the Formula Workshop, and typing in the formula


Scrolling to the bottom of the result, I saw this line:

Speech	(Speech)

I knew that the space between Speech and (Speech) was actually a tab (the character between the menu name and the options will always be a tab). But if you didn’t know that, you could figure it out by using this formula instead,


then the line will look like this:


So now I know enough to design an arrayhack to delete the item.

See these topics in the help for more info: