Default year when entering dates

If I enter 1/1 in a date field, I was expecting 1/1/22 as the entered date as that is what Panorama 6 does.

Instead I am getting 1/1/21.

Is this as intended?

The docs state: When you enter a date, you can leave the year off and let Panorama figure it out for you. Panorama will automatically round the date to the nearest year.

(I know that the century only grabs the next 5 years as a forward date but I would expect that if a user is entering 1/1 that it might be understood to be the date 24 days away rather than a date 342 days ago.)

It might be, I can’t remember at the moment so I’ll have to research it.

I know that it used to default to +/- 6 months of the current date, but that window was changed because future dates are entered so much less frequently than past dates. But I can’t remember what the actual intention was off the top of my head, so I’m not sure if it is working as intended or not. But I do know that it was intentional to change this behavior from Panorama 6.

If we get a vote (:>), I prefer the Pan 6 way. I am regularly having to change a date after I enter it because I almost always enter dates in the future; almost never from the past. I know I now must enter the future year, but I forget to do that, and it seems to be an unnecessary pain ……

Ok, the intention was that if the year is missing, Panorama will default to a date between two months in the future and 10 months in the past. So as of today (Dec 9, 2021), typing 1/1 should enter 1/1/2022. However, the code did not correctly handle rolling over from December to January, so this didn’t work correctly when doing data entry in November and December. I have just now fixed this.

This would be an item where one might want to set a preference. If you are entering appointments, you would want a date in the future. If you are entering birthdays, you would want a date in the past. But then, I know people who are over 100 years old, so that is not going to work all the time.

I have written routines to check and make corrections, coding in a preference.