Default entry in pop-up field

I have a pop-up menu that has Yes or No. In Pan 6 I could go to the design mode and enter “Yes” in the “def” column.

In Panorama X the default value is in the Field Properties panel.

I’m not sure what you mean by “pop-up menu” though. Perhaps you are referring to the feature where Panorama 6 would display a series of radio buttons in the Input Data window, instead of a text editor. Panorama X does not have that feature, though it may be added eventually.

Thanks Jim,
I can’t seem to find Field Properties. I click on the field so it is highlighted around the corners hoping that field properties will show up.

Click where it says Properties, and the panel will open.

Clicking the Properties tool as Dave suggested is usually the easiest way, but you can also choose Field>Show Field Properties from the menu, or right click on the field name and choose Show Field Properties from the pop-up menu.