Default Button Not responding to Carriage Return or Enter

I have a form with four buttons. I set one to be the default with a procedure. (It did change color in response.) There are no text editors on the form. But the code for the button is not executing when I press carriage return or Enter with the form active. Does anyone know of anything that will cause the default button not to respond? It only responds to mouse clicks.

Just before I looked at this, my computer lost track of its keyboard and trackpad. I plugged each of them in and restarted just to be sure, and now they are back. I am not offering a solution for your problem, but I wanted to point out that these things tend to happen for no discernible reason sometimes, and it seems a bit more often with Panorama X.

Hi Bruce, This one has occurred on two different computers using the same database, tending to show it’s not some idiosyncratic computer glitch. I thought someone may have figured out something that could explain it, hence my request on the Forum. I do happen specialize in unexplainable, indiscernible malfunctions.

The default button only applies when you are using the form as a dialog. It does not apply if you are just using the form in a normal window.

Thanks for the clarification. I am going to suggest an edit to the Push Button Help page. The section on the Default setting for Push Buttons makes no mention of that distinction.

Another distinction I came across is that the default property ("$PushButtonDefaultButton") changes the color of the button only for Push Button style buttons. I am not sure if other styles actually function as defaults even though their color does not change; I have not tested that.

The push button is implemented thru Apple’s NSButton class. The default property is an official Apple attribute of that class. All of the appearance styles are offered by Apple, and work as Apple intended. This is not nearly as flexible as earlier versions of Panorama where the buttons were implemented by ProVUE code. But, hopefully everyone is going to appreciate it when they get Big Sur and all of their forms automatically adopt the new Big Sur interface conventions. (This already happened once before, when transitioning from 10.9 to 10.10.)

No problem. I think the use of the various Apple conventions was a very smart choice.