Decodebase64( parameter must be text

An odd error occurred when I attempted to do a New Generation with b26. I do not have this in any of my procedures.

Once I started down this path of New Generation, I can not now continue to Add a Field which I was wanting to do. I then tried a Disconnect from Server but that only gave me a locked db. Not what I was looking for. I then tried a Reconnect to Server which failed with a POSIX error. I was then unable to Start the Server. The button was dimmed.

I’m pretty sure that error occurred in the server. If you have enabled web error logs, I think you’ll see this error there.

There is only one instance of decodebase64( in the server code. In fact, this function is used every time the server handles any request from any client. Looking at this code, if a non-text value is ever passed to this function, something has really gone south.

If Panorama X Server is still running, I would suggest force quitting it.

By the way, the procedure that contains decodebase64( was not modified in b26, in fact I don’t think it has been modified in several months at least. It is the main code the dispatches all requests to the server, both sharing and web publishing.