Debug Instrumentation Video

I’ve uploaded the first video, Debug Instrumentation. You can watch it by opening the Panorama Video Training window (from the Help menu), then clicking on the All Years pop-up menu and choosing Last 7 days or Last 30 days.

However, there may be a problem with the audio. It works fine on my primary computer, but on 3 other computers here, there is video but not audio. Very mysterious. Several other users have told me that the audio is fine. So here is a poll – does the audio work for you?

  • Audio OK
  • No Audio

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By the way, I recorded each session two ways – locally with Screenflow, and in the cloud with Zoom. I wanted to make sure it got recorded somehow. It turns out, I think the Screenflow video is definitely better, but unfortunately Screenflow only captured my microphone, and you can’t hear anyone else. So I combined the Screenflow video with the Zoom audio recording. Maybe that has something to do with the problem. If you can hear the audio, I think the result came out well.

I do not see any video using the popdown for time constriction.

I have had to quit and restart Panorama to get the video to show up. I guess there is some phoning home to update the video list.

I have no audio on the Debug Instrumentation video. I do have audio with all the other videos.

I have no audio on the video, also when I start playing from the beginning the video plays (with no audio). However, if I drag to change the playback position, the video will no longer play even though I do get a new placeholder image from the new location in the timeline. IOW, toggling play/pause has no effect and the video is stuck at the location I place the playback ‘bar’.

No Audio. Good Luck

Video OK. Audio no luck.

And I am really horrible at lip reading!

I seem to have audio (the first 5 seconds at least), but couldn’t find the video using the last 7 days search. Needed to select “Mastering Panorama X.2” from the curriculum for it to show up.

This issue may have something to do with Vineo.

I messed around with it a bit, to no avail. I signed up.

The video was in the background running and all of a sudden the audio was working? Perfectly.

I quit, rebooted, and now the Audio does not work.

I do not see any new video, using the settings indicated. Latest are 2018;

With a big assist from @cwfrymire. the culprit has been identified as a new audio codec that Vimeo is putting into server. For some reason, they are pushing it into service on machines that it doesn’t work on! I’ve got a dialog going on with Vimeo tech support for a permanent fix, but for right now I have developed a hack that seems to solve the problem. If you are having audio problems with the new course videos (there are now two that have been uploaded), you should be able to get it working in a couple of minutes.

Start by downloading this zip file, which contains a small Panorama database.

Open the database using Panorama X 10.2. It is a super simple web browser. Enter the URL

Do NOT open this URL in your web browser, you need to do this in the database you just downloaded. Here’s what it will look like:

The next step is to check the box Disable OPUS Audio.

Now you can close this window. Open the Panorama Video Training window and try out the new videos (there are 2 now). Choose Last 7 Days to see the list of videos.

Note: Some of you may not see the list of videos. Unfortunately, there is a caching bug in the version of Panorama X 10.2 you have. This will be fixed in the next release, for now, the only solution is to wait a while and try again.

Hopefully in the next couple of days Vimeo will provide a more permanent solution to this audio problem, but in the meantime, this should provide immediate help. Here are a couple of links about the new audio codec Vimeo is introducing:

Unfortunately, it appears that Vimeo has botched the rollout a bit, and is pushing OPUS to computers that don’t support it.

Success! OK, I need more characters.

What does that mean???

Just me losing my mind there for a second. I was happy to get audio, and yelled success, but the forum said I needed at least ten characters, so I added a few.

Oh, that’s funny. I was going to reply to you with just ???, but the forum said I needed more than ten characters, so I added What does that mean. So I guess that should have been a clue for me.

Your annotation says, “check box to disable OPUS audio” which I (and perhaps many others) took to mean I should disable OPU audio.

You may have meant to tell us to enable OPUS audio because, when I do that I get audio.

OPUS audio doesn’t work on many older Macs, but Vimeo was pushing it anyway, and those of us with the older Macs couldn’t get any audio. Disabling it allows your Mac to use a codec that’s actually compatible with your machine, and then you get audio.

The wording of Vimeo’s configuration is quite confusing. Clicking the “enable” button actually tells Vimeo not to use OPUS audio.

I’m not sure if it has anything to do with older or newer Macs. I don’t think any Macs actually support OPUS audio. It’s not clear to me why Vimeo sends OPUS to some computers but not others. Vimeo tech support says they don’t believe it ever does and claims that there is no problem. Grrrr.

One other update on this – it’s no longer necessary to download the separate SuperBasicWebBrowser database. Instead, the latest version of the 10.2 beta includes this built in to the Video Training wizard. With that wizard open, you can just choose Vimeo Player Configuration from the Video menu, then click the Disable OPUS Audio button as explained above.

Instead of last 7 or last 30 days, select 2021 and you will see it :slight_smile: