DB Report of selected fields

Hi all,
I’d like to create a tabular report with only select fields of an existing DB, which in the end will be printed.
Panorama’s help says to create a New Form from the View Menu. I have the latest version of Panorama installed but my View Menu hasn’t got this option. Is Help out of sync with the program?


To succinctly answer your direct question - no, the Help is correct. There is some other factor that is restricting your ability to create a new form.

If you don’t have a View menu at all, that means that you aren’t logged into Panorama. Open the Site License window and log in.

If you have a View menu but there is no New Form option, that means that the database is restricted and you aren’t allowed to modify it. If it is your database, that means you used the Security panel of the Database Options dialog to restrict the ability to modify the database design. However, if you had done that you would probably be aware of doing so. Did you create this database yourself? If not, did you get it from someone that might have locked it down so that you cannot modify it?

Are you sure that your database is actually the active window? There are a number of ProVUE databases embedded into Panorama that you are not allowed to add a form to, for example the Help window, Formula Workshop, Import and Export wizards, etc. Make sure that your database is active when you click on the menu bar.

If none of these suggestions are helpful then please provide additional information that can help with diagnosis of the situation.

Hello Jim,
thank you for your quick response. It took me some time to discover what really happened.
The version of not having a View menu at all, I’ve already gone through that before, but this time this wasn’t the case.
I did have a View menu but the New Form option was missing. Then I checked and for some reason I wasn’t logged on to Panorama. After logging in I immediately had the New Form option there.
Playing around with this New Form I discovered, that for some unknown reason and without me wanting it Panorama sometimes unlogs me and then things like this happen. If it went as I intended, I’d be logged in all the time, as I am the only user on this computer.
So, thanks for resolving this problem for me.

Now I have another problem: the tabular report I’d like to make with this New Form would be about 100 printed pages. I’d have to send this to someone who hasn’t got Panorama. Can I avoid printing this out and send him a readable file to his computer instead?

Sounds like you want to print to a PDF file, then send them the PDF file. You can do that with the standard Print dialog.