Date Sort Problem? [SOLVED]

I have a database with 150+ records. I am sorting on the date field and one record is sorted out of order although the date is shown correctly.

If I export the database to a csv, import it into Excel and sort on the same date field, it is sorted into the correct order.

Any suggestions as to what would cause this or how to fix?

The most common reason is that your ‘date’ field is probably not a ‘date’ field. It just looks like a date field. Double click on the header of that field at the top of the field. The Properties window will open. Does the 3rd item down that says ‘Type’ show Date?

If it does show Date, then look at the 5th item in that Properties box, ‘Output Pattern’. Change it to YYYY.MM.DD. Does your the record that sorts oddly show what you think it should say?

Have you watched the videos? It will be well worth your time to watch some of the beginning videos.

My filed was a date. The incorrect sorting was caused by having the green summary line. Removing the summary corrected the sort. Thanks for replying to both my posts. I appreciate it. :grinning:

If you store a date in a text file, you can use the format YYYYMMDD; in that case dates can be sorted chronologically.