Date pattern problem when converting to text field

I am missing the boat somehow as I try to format a field in text using a date field.
str(datepattern(IDDate,“DayofWeek dd”))
comes out as MonofWeek 4; TueofWeek 5, etc.

Not sure why and the search process mostly focuses on Pan X and values.


Two things to note. First you don’t need the str( function since the datepattern( function output is text. Second and most importantly, you need to capitalize the “O” in of as in DayOfWeek. As you have it now Panorama is seeing just the “Day” token followed by the text string “ofWeek” which accounts for the output.

Note: Panorama X interprets the DayofWeek as a single text string so the output is “DayofWeek 2” instead of “SatofWeek 2” as in Panorama 6.

Thank you. I missed the “O” when looking at the help file. Also, thanks on the str( note.