Date Field won't minimum or maximum

In a field of Dates, set to fieldtype Date, choosing maximum or minimum from the Analyze menu crashes Panorama X. Also when changing the fieldtype from Date to Integer is not leaving the corresponding ‘date’ values in the re-typed field. However if I create a new integer field and formula fill it from a Date field the correct values do appear. FormulaFilling from that integer field back into the Date field produces the correct date, but converting that field’s type from Integer to Date results in a blank field. Perhaps my expectations of Pan X are wrong, but I’d expected to be able to toggle a field containing just integers that are valid date values, between date and integer field types and maintain the data.

When doing some of this programmatically maximum or minimum fail, but don’t completely crash Pan X. Minimum run on a date field adds a record, doesn’t display any value therein but subsequent steps run. Running Maximum on a date field, when the records are grouped in another field, doesn’t display values and pauses the remainder of the program. If I click around on the data sheet I sometimes can resume the procedure, although I haven’t yet figured out which clicks resume it.

The problem can be worked around by formulafilling dates into a separate integer field, using minimum or maximum on it instead, then formula filling the results back into the former field. But I doubt those added steps were intended to be necessary.

You are correct, that was not intended. I have added it to the bug list … then I went ahead and fixed it!