Date Field Output Pattern Bug? (REVISED)

There may be a bug related to the Output Pattern of a Date field. When the output pattern in a Date field is set to “Day, Mon dd, YYYY” in the data sheet and a Text Editor Object is used to enter the date, an unexpected result can occur when tabbing out of the TEO on a form under the right circumstances. The unexpected result seems to occur after an ObjectAction statement is used on the TEO. For example, one of my procedures increments the date ahead by one day with the following code:

«Date» = «Date» + 1
ObjectAction “Date”,“Open”

Tabbing out of the TEO after invoking the above code will almost always yield an unexpected date in the Date field. However, if the output pattern in a Date field is set to “mm/dd/yy” in the data sheet and the above code is invoked followed by tabbing out of the TEO on a form, the Date value does not unexpectedly change as it did in the previous case. If someone has the time to set this up and test it, you will understand why I was pulling my hair out and was about the schedule an appointment with a talking doctor before I discovered the cause and how to replicated this strange behavior of the TEO and associated Date field.

Originally I thought this strange output was related to a file converted from Pan6. Not so.