I have 4 DBO’s on a form, each has a different data field assigned. If I set the button style to Checkbox and size to Mini everything works fine, in other words, I can check one, two or all 4 data buttons. But… if I set all 4 styles to Radio, only one DBO on the form can be checked. Thanks

Setting the style to Radio actually changes the operation of the button, not just the appearance. It makes no sense to have one Radio button – you would only be able to turn it on but could never turn it off.

Ahhhhh… I see. I was looking at appearance to show that the checkbox indicated official information in 3 fields, and a different style data button to show that we modified the information in 4 different fields. The checkbox does work for all 7.

You may want to review the operation of Radio Buttons. Radio buttons allow you to choose 1 option from 2 or more choices. Once selected, your only option is to select another different Radio Button from its group of radio buttons.

Think old style car radios. You only have x number of buttons to press. Once selected, you then choose another and it replaces the original choice.

Check boxes are like things on a pizza. You can have 1, 2, or as many things as you like. Check which you want on the pizza or check none at all.

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This still looks like a bug. Suppose you had a questionnaire, and for each question the possible answers were Yes, No, and Maybe. It seems like you should be able to assign a field to each question, and a trio of radio buttons to each field, and put them all on the same form. In Panorama 6, you can. In Panorama X, you can’t.

Oh my, that is a very bad bug. How did I miss that?

It still sounds like Dusty needs to use checkboxes.

Ah yes, still using checkboxes - I think what threw me was Pan6 has a large style selection of DBSO’s - I was just trying to change the style of the checkbox in PanX - but didn’t fully understand the function of a radio button - I thoroughly understand now. I even checked out Bitbucket 551. Thanks Robert, Dave and Jim.

I figured out how I missed this problem – it’s somewhat new. It is due to a change Apple made in 10.8. When radio buttons were originally added to Panorama X, it was linked agains the 10.7 SDK, so this feature worked fine. A year or so later I switched to the 10.9 SDK and they must have stopped working at that time. The change was noted about 20 pages down in the 10.8 AppKit release notes.

I’ve figured out a rather arcane way to trick Apple’s code so that radio buttons now work correctly again when you have multiple radio button groups on a form. I posted a much more detailed than usual report on the fix to bitbucket, so check it out if you want to see some unusual Objective-C code.