Database Save not updating file timestamp and Time Machine not backing up file

Has anyone encountered this situation I’m, about to describe? Running Panorama 6 (yeah, I know) on High Sierra 10.13.6 and have periodically encountered a situation where a database needs to be restored from Time Machine because it crashes for some reason. The db is being periodically saved via Command - S but when going into Time Machine to restore the db it does not show any file available to be restored with times during which the saves has been done.
Today someone was working in a db, issuing periodic saves with Command - S and the db crashed. Going into Time Machine there was a gap between 7:22 pm last night and 1:36 pm today, nothing in between those 2 times, despite the db being saved several times today prior to the 1:36 pm timestamped file. This same situation has occurred on different databases, periodically, where there is a large gap in Time Machine despite saves being done. So work that was input to the database is lost because the file that winds up being restored was from several hours up to the previous day that Time Machine is indicating available for restoration. Huge gaps in time.
Has anyone encountered this situation? It’s as if, despite a save being issued, the db timestamp isn’t getting updated, therefore Time Machine thinks it doesn’t need to be backed up. Anyone have any ideas as what might be happening? Thanks

Have you checked Panorama 6’s own backup system, the Time Lapse wizard?

No, I have not, I was not aware of Time Lapse. I will look into it. Thanks.