Database renames itself as "Window"

Any ideas on what might cause this:


It’s happening a lot and the database is totally unresponsive to keyboard and mouse.

Yes, that means the window didn’t complete it’s initialization process when it opened. This leaves the window in an unusable state.

I’m a bit surprised you see that – I would expect a crash in this situation. It can (and occasionally has) happen when I’m running Panorama X under the Xcode debugger, because the debugger prevents Objective-C runtime errors from causing an immediate crash.

Of course this technical mumbo-jumbo isn’t helpful to you. I would suggest opening the database with the data sheet only, then open each form individually to see which is causing the problem. At that point probably the only solution is to delete the form, which you should be able to do with the View Organizer wizard.

I assume that this means something other than completing the .Initialize procedure because I often have an error in the .Initialize (during development) and it doesn’t cause that problem.

And it has never happened when I open the file, it typically happens when I open into a form, do a lot of fiddling and then attempt to open the data sheet - the sheet doesn’t open and that’s when I notice that the file is called “Window”. A common alternative to that is that Panorama X crashes when I attempt to open the data sheet.

I am talking about the internal Objective-C code.

I’ll bet the window was named “Window” all along, you just didn’t notice it. I don’t think there is any way this could happen after the form opens, only as the form was first opening. My guess is that there is something wrong with one of the form objects.

That’s a worry - each of my many forms has about 120 objects. I’ll continue to monitor it.

I believe that the problem was a field that had no name. I’ve experienced this before - a field, which has been named, inexplicably loses its name which causes problems.

I have an explanation (perhaps not the only one) for a database being renamed as “Window”. Many of my databases have .Init procedures which open other databases and extract data from them to populate pop-up menus and similar stuff. I have been using the openfile statement to do this and it takes an appreciable time to execute, during which time subsequent commands run over it.

I had code which opened a database, extracted data, did a few other things and then, in certain conditions, opened the same database again and, of course, triggered the .Init procedure again. This second event happened while the first one was still trying to finish and so everything tripped over itself.

I’m now using `opensecret’ and all is peace and harmony.

If the database is already open, the .Initialize procedure is not triggered again. This procedure is only triggered once, when the database is first loaded from the disk into memory.


should have read:

I had code which opened a database, extracted data, CLOSED IT, did a few other things and then, in certain conditions, opened the same database again …

3/24/21 My file (running b14 3643) crashed, and when I tried to re-open it, no window opened, but Memory showed the file as being loaded. I got the view organizer to make the main form appear, but it was labeled “Window” rather than its true name (AllData). By opening the Blueprint/all form, I was able to copy the blueprint contents, paste into a new form, delete, the “Window” form and name the newly created form as ‘AllData.’