Database relation doesn't work if a field is renamed or deleted

What does this error alert signify? It appears when I exit the Relations tab in the DB “Alex Mail”. That DB used to contain a field called “Last Name”, but I recently changed it to simply “Last”. “Last Name” does not, however, appear in the relationship blueprint. (See my last post…)

getfieldproperties( function error, field [Last Name] does not exist in database [Alex Mail].

The error does not appear when I’m looking at the relation panel in the related DB.

I see that that function appears in procedures in a number of libraries; so why is Pan trying to get the field properties for a field that no longer exists in my DB? Again it seems as if something needed to be purged from a dictionary, but wasn’t, just as was described in my previous post today.

I’m wondering whether that is also why the append non-matching data feature isn’t working with these DBs. I have had it work in other situations, but in this one it doesn’t. Maybe it’s looking for a field that some dictionary says should exist but doesn’t? is one of my key fields; that’s a change from the original . Again the Relations panel looks just as it should, but appending isn’t happening.