Database exchange

I see no databases in the database exchange. Getting communication error. Unrecognized response from PROVUE server. ??

Ditto. No databases, same error.

Ditto. No databases. Can’t download 10.2 beta.

I have fixed the server problem that is causing these errors, the Panorama Database Exchange is now working again. You may have to close and re-open the Database Exchange to get it to work.

AND you are Very Popular, judging by the download speed, Jim! 2% so far in 10 minutes or so, but then, we have crappy internet here in Santa Fe. Congrats on the Brave New World of 10.2!

Got it! Preliminary results of closing 5 databases has not resulted in a single crash, which was one of the biggest annoyances in the last couple years. I had learned to create a new empty file before quitting PanX, and that stopped those crashes, but otherwise I left up to 12 or more files open, which I do not like to do. Just Command-M them.