Database Exchange: Suitable file sharing site

I want to share a database on database exchange. Provue first validates the url for the file location. I have not succeeded in getting a url validated and I do not know why. I have tried an Office365 SharePoint location and a Dropbox location. The system is giving no feedback when I click Validate on the upload window and the url never gets validated. I wonder if these sites are not suitable for some reason. They are:


I did see in the instructions that Dropbox does not work, but I can give someone the url and they can download the file. And I see some other Forum entries discussing other issues, but not this one.

Tom, I’m not sure just where your actions are failing but the following comments may help - uploading to the Exchange is not a straightforward process:

Uploading Files to the Panorama X Database Exchange

This is the simplest technique I’ve been able to come up with. It looks ridiculous but it works.

  1. Open the upload form and click in one of the uploaded databases in the left sidebar.
  2. Select Share>Add Database …
  3. Fill in the data boxes. DO NOT press Validate.
  4. Open or click in a Panorama X database somewhere on your computer, go to a procedure, remove and replace a character and save.
  5. Return to the upload window, click on Validate, then click on Close.
    I have found that, without fail, the window closes and re-opens with the Upload button available.

It worked! ‘Not straightforward’ is an understatement.

Sorry about that, I do have some plans to completely revamp this process at some point. In the meantime, the two databases you submitted are now available on the Exchange.