Database Corruption?

I’ve got an inventory database that is exhibiting bizarre behavior. When I add a record (carriage return), two records are added to the database. Automatic line number populates for one, but not the other. Setting “no duplicates” on one field affects all the fields in the record.

Record number on field set to increment line number often duplicates the previous record number.

I’m suffering data loss and can’t continue. Big deal considering I’m currently managing lease turnover for an entire company, trying to track receipt of huge shipments arriving daily.

MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave, Panorama 10.1.2.

Do you have both the data sheet and a View-As-List form open at the same time? This causes weird behavior which I think is what you are seeing. Try closing one or the other and I think you’ll eliminate this problem.

Only the data sheet has ever been open. Very simple database - no forms, no procedures.

If you would like to send me a copy of the database I would be happy to take a look at it.

Since in Panorama X 10.1 the “no duplicates” option does exactly nothing, I can’t imagine what you mean by “affects”.

I don’t think this was a Panorama problem, but rather some kind of system event unlike anything I have ever seen before.

Rebooting the computer seems to have solved it. I had quit and restarted Panorama multiple times before posting.

I can go into detail on the irregularities if desired. They had a pronounced manifestation in Panorama. I suspect the computer itself was messed up in how it was addressing RAM.

Just curious - are you saying “No Duplicates” does not work in Panorama X?

My observation was that setting a field to no duplicates set all fields to no duplicates, in the property inspector.

I’m using my index field as a unique asset tracking number. Obviously, I don’t want duplicates - and the bizarro database was generating them. On the other hand, I’m receiving 50 new computers, so the item description field is frequently a duplicate of our standard configuration “Apple iMac 27”… blah blah blah…”


It does not work in Panorama X 10.1. It will work in 10.2. (There have been some posts here on the forum for techniques to implement duplicate checking yourself in 10.1.)