Data Validation Error: .5 rejected as floating point number!

When I enter .5 into a text editor for floating point data, I get this error message:

I assume this is part of the new data validation feature (which I think is excellent and going to be very useful.) 0.5 is accepted.

Ok. I can confirm this. I’ll look into it.

Fixed this, thanks.

Thanks. I am starting my testing at Smith Duggan on Friday. I will keep you informed about how it’s going. They have purchased a new Mac Mini to host the server.

When I enter 1132 with no commas or decimals in a Text Edit Object, I get the following error: Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 10.23.18 AM

The field is set at Number (Float), and the display pattern in the data sheet is “#,”.

I created a database configured as you specified. I had no problem entering 1132 into the Text Editor object.

Hi James, try changing the setting on the Text Editor Options so that the Termination Keys include both Return and Tab. You might be getting a carriage return in your data that you are not seeing, which is, of course, not part of a valid number.

I do not see how an entry of 1132 could result in an error with a different number. I assume @panaca did enter 1,255 (including the thousands separator).

If I try a similar input in my German format (e.g. “1.234,5”), I get the same error:

The input issue does not seem to be fixed in build 3609 for thousands separators.

Regarding the Termination Keys, I have tried to uncheck EndEdit and Tab in most of my TEO’s because I have had a major problem with PanX bombing when ending data entry in a TEO via the Tab key. Since unchecking the termination keys, I think that has helped reduce the failure frequency. Unfortunately, I have not been able to fully replicate the failure. In other words, it is not every time but rather random that the program will bomb when tabbing out of an object. I am learning to data entry in a TEO with the Enter or Return key since that seems to 100% reliable.

We never enter numbers with comma’s. I have not yet been able to replicate this error, but it still pops up occasionally.

I have a Text Edit Object (TEO) that will produce the Data Validation error every time. Data entry termination at the TEO stores a value in a single user database. Data entry termination also triggers a procedure that runs a formulafill of a different value on a different field in the same database. The Data Validation error pops up after the formulafill but not before.

Try putting

wait 0

at the beginning of the code that is triggered by your data entry.

I don’t know whether this has anything to do with your validation issue. But in general, I would suggest that if your database structure requires a formulafill after a data cell is entered, the structure is not well designed. This should never be needed. I would recommend re-thinking the field structure of your databases. Perhaps you even need an additional database. I can guarantee that there is some other way to structure the databases for your application to eliminate the formula fill, because otherwise your application would be impossible in any other database program besides Panorama (no other program has the formula fill feature).

Am I saying that you should never use formula fill? No, absolutely not, it’s a great tool when a mass change needs to be made to the entire database. But I would never design a database that routinely invoked it as part of data entry. A routine entry in one cell should not result in a mass change to the entire database.

That made a huge difference.