Data not updating on Header Tile

A form that worked in Pan 6 is not working in Pan X. The part that doesn’t work is the Header Tile. It has a TE with a formula to display text from a field, but it is not updating as the pages are produced. It shows the data from Page 1 on all the pages. I even tried just displaying the field in the TE, but it doesn’t update at all.

If I put the same TE on the Data Tile, it updates correctly as the pages are produced.

This Form is set as Individual Pages. I am aware of a similar Topic (“Getting a Header tile to update”) about this same problem on a view-as-list form, and Jim submitted a bug report. I wonder if the same bug affects Individual Pages Header Tiles?

You’ve discovered a bug that as far as I can see hasn’t been reported before. The same problem also occurs with Data Header tiles (I was hoping that might be a workaround for you, but it isn’t, unfortunately there is no workaround).

Note: I’ve edited the title of this topic to reflect what the actual bug is, I found “does not update” to be confusing, I thought it was something happening on the screen when it actually involves printing.