Data entry like FileMaker Pro

I loved the way that Filemaker Pro handled data entry into an edit box. FMP would let you type a letter and then it would show all the options that could be put into that edit box. As more letters were typed in it would narrow the choices down and further down with additionally entered letters. Hard for me to explain but here is a picture:

In this case I entered an “S” and then a “t” and then an “e” and then it showed me all of the options for that field that began with “Ste”.

Is there any way to duplicate that type of data entry with PanX ?


Here’s a similar solution that I put together:

Thanks, James. Could you please elaborate a little bit on how to achieve this?

Look at text lists or matrices. The attached is one from my contacts file.

In the Panorama Help, look under Text List Searching. There are all kinds of ways you can modify it, as JeffK has done by using a matrix in order to add fields to the display. My search uses contains to find matches. You could change to beginswith in order to get the result you illustrated.

Thanks to the both of you. I have been scheming and planning all night (whilst sleeping).