Data disapearing

Hello Friends,
I have a strange issue I cannot solve. I have a data field and every time I click in the field to edit it the contents that were there vanish.
One more thing. I have a date entry form and when I enter text into that text field and then go to data sheet to see the data that same text field is empty. Strange

Is there any chance the text has one or more blank lines at the beginning? That could make it look empty since the visible text would be out of site.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for reaching out to me since I did not get any other response.

I have checked and there is no blank spaces.

I have attached a partial data base of my problem file.

BTW: When I selected all the other entries that I did not want and “Delete un-selected” and went to save it did not give me an option to save to another name. It over wrote the original file.

The same data entry would be the check# 7143 made out to Womans Club.

It will allow me to enter “Womans Club” in the Business field but when I click at random in some other fields it blanks out the Business field where I just entered “Womans Club”

I don’t know if it is just my system or what. In fact it might behave just fine with you. I have even created new fields and the same thing happens. This was my check-writing program that I had been using with no problems with Pan 6.

Thanks for taking a look at the attached file.


– Jerry Jambazian

You can’t send attachments to this forum. However, I guessed that what you had done was reply to the forum email and add the attachment. The forum software ignores the attachment, so no one else can look at it. However, I was able to dig it out from our email server.

The problem is that you have a procedure called .Code that is coded to lookup information from another database and fill in the contents of the record. If it doesn’t find the information, it will have the effect of clearing out the contents. In other words, your code is doing this on purpose. That is why no one else has seen this problem.

You have linked the .Code procedure to a Text List object. The problem is, this will be triggered whenever the Text List changes, which is not just when the Text List is clicked on – it can happen other times. I think the best solution would be to add a separate button to do the lookup from Wonder Data Base. So then you would need two steps to do the lookup - 1) click on the Text List to select the Vendor you want, then 2) click a separate button to copy the information. You might also want to check to see if the contents are already empty, and ask for confirmation if not. Also, you might want to make this procedure “undo-able”.

Thank you so much Jim. I think you got to the bottom of it and gave me suggestions for a better procedure.

Could you still please give me a solution to saving a file with another name? I guess I am used to “Save” and “Save As”.


– Jerry Jambazian, (Treasurer, Administrator and Webmaster)

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If you hold the option key down while clicking the File menu, you will find “Save As” where “Duplicate” had been. This also works in other Macintosh software such as TextEdit or Preview.

This is pure macOS, not Panorama X:
If you go to the File menu and press the option key, the Duplicate menu item changes to “Save As …”

I have been an Apple user since 1980 and I am always learning something new.

Hi Jim,

I appreciate your thoughts and ideas but I think I finally figured it out.

For some reason Pan 6 did not have any problems with a field such as “First Name”.

Pax X definitely had a problem with a text field name that has a space in it.

As soon as I changed the name of the text field to “First” and “Last Name” to “Last” the problem went away. It did not like spaces.

Strange behavior.


– Jerry Jambazian

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Hello Jim.

My deepest apologies. You were absolutely correct.

I thought the problem of the space in the field name would solve the problem. It did not.

I have removed the fill list and .code for now.

I will experiment with startdatabasechange.

Thanks again


– Jerry Jambazian

9136 Las Tunas Drive
Temple City, CA 91780-1903
(626) 286-2444 CEL (626) 643-9460

Jerry – in case you weren’t aware, anything posted to this forum is totally public, and will appear in Google searches. In other words, you might want to remove the footer with your contact info when replying via email to this forum. Or use the web interface. Then again, the cat is out of the bag.

Anyway, Dave Thompson did some further research and figured out another way to trigger this problem, which allowed me to definitely solve it. It turns out the .Code procedure is part of the problem, but not all of it.

Your Text List object is set up to directly modify the BusinessName field.

I think you wanted this to happen when you click on the Text List, but that is not the only time this happens. In particular, changing the First Name or Last Name fields will trigger a change in the Text List, and poof, your BusinessName data disappears – just as you (inadvertently) told it to!

When the data in a Text List is generated on the fly like this one is, it’s not a good idea to link it directly to a field. You should link it to a variable, and then have a button if you want to copy the value to a field. That way you’ll make sure that the data is only copied when you want it to be.

Thanks to Dave for going even more above and beyond on this than his usual above and beyond!