Data Checkbox Font Display Options

Hello friends,
I have a Checkbox data object that I brought over from Pan 6. Everything works just fine but I can’t seem to change the font or the size in the data options.

In the Data Button Options pane of the Properties panel check the “Rich Text” option and un check the “System Font” option. In the Title block you can put something like color:FF0000The Title which will give you a red title name. To change the size (if you have turned off the “System Font” option) you go to the Text pane of the Properties panel where you can change the size and font to your liking.

Unlike Panorama 6, Panorama X only allows “native” Cocoa styles for things like buttons. There is now a help page that discusses this topic.

Cocoa Objects

As Gary mentioned, you can use Rich Text to customize the text, even change the font or size (even mix fonts and sizes in a single button). But for checkboxes, the only sizes for the checkbox itself is Regular, Small or Mini. These are the only sizes Apple supports, and since Panorama X uses Apple’s code to create these buttons, these are now the only sizes that Panorama supports as well.

Thanks again for the quick and thorough explanation. I always learn something new.